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The struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings." I'm Deepanshu Tomar from a small

village Chhacharpur in Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh. I am glad that I got this opportunity to

present myself. I belongs to a middle class family. My father is a farmer. I dropped my

studies after 12th because of the poor financial conditions of family. At the age of 18 I

left my home in search of job and came to Delhi. I even did the job of waitering for 8 to

9 months in Delhi.

The struggle was very painful but Vestige came into my life and it become the brightest

star of my life. I joined vestige on 15th September 2019 and my 1st paycheck was

of 3,600/- INR only. Today after 36 months of regular efforts, my highest paycheck is 2,66,422/-

INR only. I even gift myself XUV 700 top model worth 25,00,000/- INR on 5th January, 2022.

It feels like that my every dream will become true from this platform. This was all possible just

because of the amazing management of Vestige and education system of WWD. Major thanks

to all my team members, to vestige and to WWD also.

Mr. Susheel Kanaujiya

मेरा नाम सुशील है, मेरा जन्म दिल्ली में हुआ और मेरी परवरिश अयोध्या में हुयी । मैंने  graduation किया  है

और उसके बाद 3 साल तक Insurance Industry में  काम किया  था। और मेरी महीने की सैलरी आठ हज़ार थी,

WWD में  Crown Director के रूप में  सफर काफी चुनौती भरा रहा, इस सफर में  सबसे बड़ा योगदान रहा । इस

परिवार के शिक्छा  प्रणाली का और हमारे प्यारे Mr. Sonu Sharma Sir, और  Virendra Sir ने जिन्होंने  मुझे और मेरी

Team को समय-समय पर सहयोग किया , मै और मेरी माँ जानती है, इन फ़रिश्तों के साथ पवित्र सफ़र में समिल  

हो जाने से मेरी ज़िंदगी में कितना  बदलाव आया है ।

दोस्त  हम सभी सफल होने के चाहत के साथ बहुत बड़ा सपना संजोते है , पर हम तभी सफल हो सकते है  जब हम

सिस्टम के साथ जुड़े हो और उस पर 100% विस्वास  रखते हो ।

36 माह के इस सफर में  मैने 26 साल की उम्र में अपने आपको I-phone, Apple watch, Apple Macbook Air

Laptop, Camera Gift कर चुका हूँ । और विस्वास  से कहता हूँ  की WWD के साथ अपनी और अपने Team के सदस्यों 

के सपने पूरे करने का अथक प्रयास करूँगा  !

Vestige Business की सुरुआत आज से 36 माह पहले सोनू सर के मार्गदर्शन  मे शुरू  िकया, Vestige Company

के सिस्टम और Sonu sir, Virendra sir के मार्गदर्शन में  आज इस छोटी-सी journey मे अब तक की अगर मै

Income की बात करु  तो approx 38 Lakh की टोटल income कर चुका हूँ और अब तक का मेरा Highest

Payout 2,85,155/- INR का आया है, कं पनी के कार फं ड की बदौलत 3 April 2022 को Brand New Car

Skoda Kushaq Top Model Car ली है जिसकी  कीमत approx 20 Lakh है और अभी तो हमने शुरुआत  की है

आने वाले 1 साल के अंदर मेरी Team में  कम से कम 3 car और मेरी C class Mercedes car Achieve करनी है !

Mr. Karan Kaushik

I am Karan Kaushik, WWD Youth Icon & Crown Director at Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
associated with WORLD WIDE DREAMERS.
I would like to thanks, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (India), WORLD WIDE DREA and for
taking responsibility to transform the life of weaker sections towards financial stability.
It's my honoured to share my success story here. I was Born in a middle class family,
Gurugram, New Delhi. It's was my desire to provide sophisticated lifestyle to my family,
but due to instability and lack of financial stability I was unable to fulfil my expectations.
I have completed my graduation from Renowned College of India. After completing my
graduation I worked for 1.5 Years in a corporate sector, but due to hassle and hectic
environment I realised that my desire was in stake. One day I came in a contact with
Sonu Sharma Sir where I found the opportunity which can fulfil my desire. Thereafter I
started my carrier in Direct Selling Business in Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
The vision of the organisation has pushed me to uplift my carrier along with the team
with definitive goal of becoming a Professional Network Marketer, Till now I have been
rewarded with various National and International Tour and with this great success I had
achieved My Dream Car. Currently my total Income is 47 Lakh+ and my highest payout
was 2,84,000/- INR in a month of January, 2021.

I am glad that I got this opportunity to present my self. I m Abhishek chaudhary and I m
pursuing graduation from Ghaziabad. I belongs to a middle class family. My journey in
vestige started in March 2020. As you all know that on 23rd march 2020, lockdown was
announced and that was my 2nd day in vestige journey.
Many hurdles come and go but I was so confident that management of vestige will help
us for sure. And along with that the education system of WWD is most important thing.
My 1st income in vestige was 1473/- INR. After so much hard-work of me and my team,
my highest payout in vestige is 1,44,547/-INR.
And this was all possible just because of the amazing management of vestige, best
education of WWD and spirit of my team. And along with that I also achieve car in March
2021 from vestige. I m right now a college going student and I m owning a car of my own
earning. I can now proudly say that I m a self depend student who have courage to fulfil
every dream of his family at this young age. Major thanks to vestige management and
too WWD.

Mr. Abhisek Chaudhary
Mr. Virendra Pratap Singh

I am Virendra Pratap Singh a direct selling enthusiast involved in a Direct Selling Business since last
30 months under the guidance of Hon'ble Dr. Sonu Sharma Sir. I would like to thank Team Sonu Sharma
and Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (India) who have taken the responsibility to transform the life of weaker
sections to establish their financial stability.
I joined Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. in an association with Team Sonu Sharma in 14 September, 2019.
With an Assistance of Sonu Sharma Sir, I achieved and fostered a strong working relationship with the
new distributor by conveying key product benefits. After facing so many objections, I finally exceeded
all sales goals consistently. With an Immense growth I had achieved various International and National
Tour and with the hard work, persistence, perseverance of my Team I achieved my dream luxurious car
i.e Mercedes Benz C Class.
From these Direct Selling Business, Currently my net income is 8lakhs per month. If I talk about my total
Income in a period of 30 months it is more than 2.2 core INR and my higest payout was 9,82,367.00/-
INR. To be victorious, one must be in a group of winning people. Companionship has more impact in
life, what you will do in future, it decides your compatibility. Always Remember to be successful, you
should be in a group of people who inspire you, encourage you, motivate you, so that you too can
change yourself like them.
We work as a team where we are 'committed to transform'. My long-term goal is to achieve a significant
stage with a maximum number of associates where we can develop a sustainable ecosystem for
empowering and contributing to the economic growth of this nation.

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